Carrie Gabriel
I started using these wraps back in 2009. I had just moved to El Paso, Texas, and I was walking around a Fall Bazaar with my one year old and newborn when someone flagged me down. I wasn't super interested in her wrap product but when she followed up with me and asked if I wanted to try it I decided to go for it. Work or not work, I didn't even care. I just wanted to KNOW and for the price I was willing to experiment. Guess what! It worked!! I had amazing results and signed up to be a distributor. 
I started an exercise routine and wrapped every 3 days. After 3 weeks had passed I had gone from failing my military tape test miserably to passing with ease!!!!  It was incredible.  I was so proud of how my body looked. 
7 months after I got my body back I was still in great shape (and hadn't even wrapped again!). Then I found out I was pregnant with our middle child. Once again I wrapped and wrapped after she was born. Then I had another child. Same process. These products helped me so much. I am currently wrapping and using our products to get my body back to normal after our fifth child. I said I would never have a baby in my thirties and I ended up with 3 after the age of 30!  I would hate to see the state I would be in without my wraps and products. They have saved me health wise and self esteem wise. I know how to love myself and how to keep myself and my family healthy. 


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